Max Trainer Reviews – M3, M5 and M7

The Max Trainer M5 is perhaps the most sophisticated and advanced trainer which Bowflex has come out with. It is a definite improvement over its predecessor the M3 because it has far more resistance levels. The highly advanced Max Trainer is available in a compact design which is also space-saving so that you will find it easy to store at home. Roughly speaking, this training equipment or home gym is about 70% stair-stepper and 25% elliptical trainer and comes in an attractive and sleek design. It is also smartphone compatible which means that when you use this machine for working out, you can even track your progress and sync workouts to an app which is available on your phone. The parts of this machine are well-labeled and you should not have any trouble getting it set up. Go through Bowflex Max trainer reviews online which will give you an insight about the product. The beauty of this home gym is that it promises to give its users a comprehensive workout at home which is high-impact and guarantees positive and quick results. So, when you work out on the Max Trainer, you are likely to burn more calories than you would burn on a regular treadmill or an elliptical trainer.

What makes the Max Trainer a great buy for your home?

  1. Effective Workouts: The Max Trainer is a good investment to make because it has a total 300-pound weight capacity and comes in a unique design which lets users burn more calories than other fitness equipments like the elliptical trainers. It helps to engage your upper body muscles more as compared to any other fitness training machines. So, when you are unable to take time out each day to work out in the local gym, you can trust the Max Trainer to give you effective results. The exercises have zero impact so that you will never experience any joint pains and injuries when working out on the Max Trainer.
  2. Versatility: You can enjoy a high degree of flexibility and versatility when you use the Max Trainer. There are as many as 16 resistance levels to select from and these are adjustable manually through a turn dial. The burn rate indicator indicates how many calories have been burned every minute that you have exercised. Because of this display, you can also easily set your activity levels for a workout session so as to achieve your fitness goals. This also keeps you motivated to be on track.
  3. User-Friendly: The display is fitted with a backlight so that you can read the information clearly. There are eight built-in programs for user convenience and you can choose from different options such as Max Interval, Calorie Burn, Fitness Test, Fat Burn, Smart Max Interval etc. You can also use the app to keep a tab on your workout progress, to stay motivated. The device has a Bluetooth-enabled console which allows you to store the workout results. For monitoring heart rate, you can make use of the chest strap provided with this device.
  4. Safety Features: The machine comes with premium quality handlebars so that your grip is firm. There are handy bottle holders and media shelves attached with these machines. Users will find working out on them not only safe but also satisfying.
  5. Warranty: The Bowflex Max Trainer has a two-year warranty which is quite competitive when you compare it to warranties offered by its competitors.

These key features show why the Max Trainer can prove to be a worthwhile investment for someone keen to workout different muscle groups in the body.